Julie Lyrek

Design has always been my passion. Tracking design trends, research, consumer insights, sharing ideas with other creatives and developing innovative ideas that engage the target consumer. This passion has allowed me to be a key player in strategy development, brand building, design conceptualization & idea generation. 

Here is my story:

My career as an artist began at the early age of three. My mother had this great little cabinet made of metal that contained this wonderful soft yellow folded paper. I was totally enamored with the smooth feel and weight of the paper. I couldn't get my crayons out fast enough. I emptied all the contents of the folded paper and began to create my new collection. I then installed my work in my new gallery, also known as the dining room. Each piece was hung precisely with a fresh box of band aids. From the reaction of my parents, I knew I was destined to be a big deal.

When I was in fifth grade, our class went on a field trip to tour the Betty Crocker kitchens and Art Department. The kitchens were cool, but, I was in total awe when I entered the art studio. This was just like Santa's workshop to me. Artists were working on all these cool projects AND it was their job! I never even dreamed that a place like this existed. Then, I spotted it. A never seen before cereal package. It was Boo Berry! That was the day I decided that I want to be a designer.

Fast forward a few years later. I've traded in Mom's manilla folders and my crayons for a Mac with a really big screen. My gallery where my work is now appearing is the grocery & retail stores. I have worked at a toy company, ad agencies, design firms and a major retail corporation.  I have gained a wealth of experience in branding, packaging, promotion, retail and print design. All of those elements have brought me to where I am today at Lyrek Creative.